About Funmi


She is the first female gospel minister in Nigeria to boldly author a bestseller on sex between married couples from an African perspective using the mass media and conferences to broadcast the topic to the world

Funmi Akingbade (Mrs) is one of the few women in Nigeria who have been bold enough to express themselves and champion the causes they believe in regardless of the contrary opinions of the general public.

Funmi Akingbade is an ex-columnist in Punch, Nigeria’s widest circulating national newspaper, whose influence and impact are being felt in homes in Nigeria and abroad. Now present columnist of the Saturday Nation newspaper Nigeria. Through her Sex and Sexuality column in the newspaper and through a variety of other channels and platforms-media, seminars, workshops, boat cruises, among others.

Early life & History

Mrs Akingbade has been able to carve a niche for herself as the woman to look on to when it comes to issues relating to the place of sex in marriage and among intending couples.  Through her practical counseling sessions, she has been able to restore broken homes and bring back alive relationships that had been written off as hopeless.

Funmi is a certified sex therapist from The Sex Therapy Institute Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She is an alumnus of the International Institute of Transformation and the Advanced Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course from Beulah Heights University, Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.

She is also the founder of Couples Alive Forum International (CAFI) and Couples Academy where she teaches intending couples on marital and sexual-related issues. A seasoned minister of the gospel, she has an academic foundation in the paramedical field and with working experience as a nurse in various teaching and private hospitals. She is a graduate of World of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI), the Bible College arm of the Living Faith Church  (aka Winners’ Chapel).

Funmi is a widely sought after speaker at local and international seminars, conferences and conventions.  She anchors a Family Life Conference every 3rd Saturday of the month and a couple’s academy once in a year which is in operation in Nigeria and abroad. She also runs consultancy for married couples who approach her confidential solutions to their marriage concerns.

Funmi is married to Apostle Ayo Akingbade, a known healing evangelist and the president of Ayo Akingbade Ministry International (AAMINT). Their marriage is blessed with children.

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Early life & History

On May 29, 1965, Funmilayo Oredolapo Akingbade [Nee Rotibi] was born in Ijesha-Isu-Ekiti, Ikole Local Government, Ekiti State, Nigeria. Her father Abraham Ogundipe was a local farmer. Her mother, Omojolagbe Mantinda was a petty trader. Funmi Akingbade was raised by her mother who helped shape her values in life via good dedication, tenacity, and courage.

Funmi Akingbade was introduced to a life of hard work through the influence of her mother, who guided her choice of life and career.

She had her elementary school at Ladi-Lark Primary School, Apapa, Lagos Nigeria [1971 -1975]. She got her high school education at African Church Comprehensive High School, Ikere- Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria [1976-1981] and later studied nursing at School of Nursing, Akure, Nigeria 1983 to 1986. She is presently furthering her medical career at lawson community high school birmingham Alabama.

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Funmi Akingbade received leadership training at:

  • Transformational Leadership Course

  • Institute of National Transformation.

  • Beulah High University, Atlanta Georgia from October 2009 to February 2010.

  • And also, a Basic Presentation Course at Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, G.R.A. Ikeja, Lagos from August to September 2009.

  • Host, Couples Cruise

  • Founder of Couple’s Alive’ Forum International [CAFI]

  • Certified sex therapist. 

  • Marriage officiant.

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  • Acknowledged author of bestseller ‘Sexual Intimacy in Marriage’.

  • Author of over 500 articles on ‘Sex and Sexuality’ the highest read column of the most popular newspaper in Nigeria – Punch Newspaper, till december 2018.

  • Author of sizeable articles on ‘Sex and Sexuality’ with the Saturday Nation Newspaper since January 2021 till date.

  • Author of Over 1,500 sex, sexual health and sexual behaviors questions answered on the column ‘sex and sexuality Punch newspapers.

  • Author of ‘Sex and Sexuality’ a collection of punch article in volumes.

  • Author of ‘When Singles Mingle’

  • Author of ‘The Romantic Gospel’

  • Author of ‘Home on The Word’.

  • Author of ‘Sexual Intimacy in Marriage DVD’.

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In 1987 she married Apostle Ayo Akingbade. They have three

God-preserved children together.

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Work Experience

She started her nursing experience as a bedside Personal Nurse to late Justice Adefarasin [ former SAN of Nigeria] and later worked briefly at Shoreman Medical Center, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria before becoming a columnist with Nigeria Punch newspaper, from 2008 to 2018. She is presently working as a columnist with ‘The Saturday Nation Newspaper Nigeria.


Funmi Akingbade as a columnist, author and sexual health consultant. Through her Sex and Sexuality column and a variety of other media platforms, seminars, workshops, boat cruise, among others has carved a niche for herself as the woman to look on to when it comes to issues relating to the place of sex in marriage and among both married and intending couples, and all other marital issues. Through her practical counseling sessions, she has been able to restore broken homes and bring alive relationships that had been written off as hopeless.

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  • T.V presentation of ‘sex talk with Funmi Akingbade’ on both local

  • Couples Academy Periodical-sessions school.

  • Teenager sex and sexuality awareness.

  • Reproductive and sexual health education.

  • Couples resort/retreat facilitator in various countries: America, Europe, UK, South Africa, Seychelles, Kenya, Congo Kinshasa, Togo, Nigeria.


At CAFI, she offers essential services that help in bonding marriages, educating and informing couples about sex, sexuality and sexual health matters. Couple’s Alive Forum International has been a resource place to go when it comes to issues relating to holistic, healthy and Godly sex in marriage and among the married and the intending couples in her country and the world at large. CAFI have been able to restore broken homes and bring back to live relationships that have been written off as hopeless. At CAFI meetings. Thoughts about how couples can preserve their marriages, making it solid-bound, romantic and hot within the boundaries of the marriage bed are shared.

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