Eleven Hot Reasons to have Sex Tonight

Reason one: For newly married lovers, it is important to note that sex enhances newness. When couples start off something with sex, it binds them together, it seals a lasting relationship and solidifies a long-term partnership.

A spouse does not have to look for any expensive gift to wish their partner a Happy New Year; giving them a beautiful and striking gift of sex will perform the wonder. Sensational sex is the best gift that will make the memories will linger on than any other gift. Remember to give one tonight; and I am eagerly waiting for a positive feed-back from your partner.

Reason two: Sex is an awesome way to burn calories. After eating all the Christmas and New Year delicacies and adding extra pound, sex is one of the best ways to burn off extra calories. The truth of this is that sex will not only help to burn off extra calories but it also gives real fun compared to other physical exercises, which may be boring and exhaustive. Sex repeatedly will get the job well done, quickly fixed. So, why not try one tonight, and make sure you change positions as frequently as possible.

Reason three: The reason for couples to have a breath-taking sex tonight is that vigorous, enthusiastic, energetic, hearty and loving sexual encounter, spikes spouses’ oxytocin levels. This is the hormone that makes married lovers feel more connected to each other. In addition, the same oxytocin that binds couples together also helps couples sleep better and fresh. Couples are encouraged not to forget to use plenty of fish oil, because it reduces inflammation, blood pressure and dangerous cholesterol. Besides fish, oil also opens up those tiny, tiny blood vessels and boosts the testosterone in the body of both husband and wife. When couples use fish oil frequently, they will notice their arousal quickly. You may wonder how easily you could get fish oil. You can get a large amount by eating salmon, mackerel, sardine, Titus, and catfish regularly or alternatively buy the supplement.

Reason four: Sometimes the outset of a menstrual flow ruins the sexual fun of many married lovers, even when they still want to go ahead and have fun in spite of the flow. Many women complain of painful menstrual cramps, and such complaint coming up at this festive season, is not just the best at all. Nevertheless, the good news is this: many medical practitioners have proved that having an orgasmic sexual encounter makes menstrual cramps go away. Waoo! What a good way to eliminate man-made obstacle this once in a year seasonal fun. So, go ahead, have fun with or without menstrual cramps.

Fifth reason to have soul-lifting sex this festive period is that sex banishes stress. After a stressful, nerve-racking, demanding, hectic day in the kitchen, market and with visitors, one good way to banish stress this period is to crawl into bed with your spouse and let them help you relieve that tension. Sex is a natural tranquiliser; you do not need any of those pain relievers or sleeping tablets to calm down your nerves. All you need is sex with your husband or wife. Prove me wrong; try it tonight and give me a call 08029593116 to relate your experience.

Reason six: Are you sensing a feverish condition right now because of the dusty air around this season? You are feeling you might have caught a cold? Well, you need some sexual action right away. Studies show doing it once or twice a week can boost your immune system. Moreover, there is no best way to experiment this than today: couples, who have sex at least twice a week, live longer than those who do not.

Reason seven: Real sexual escapades, adventure, exploits, and experience on the first day of the first week of the first month of a new year, is a sign of goodwill and fortune for the entire year. Couples that start off together, loving, caring and appreciating one another with the best of sexual exploits are in for a nice time throughout the year.

The eighth good reason why sex must be inevitable tonight is that the atmosphere is set already. You will agree with me that Christmas/New Year season is the time most families renovate, repair, refurbish or repaint their houses. This automatically makes the house more beautiful, attractive and inviting for a good sexual engagement. Therefore, couples should seize the fresh atmosphere and ‘go for gold.’ Stay clean; pay extra attention to the sexual organs and the mouth. Use good mouthwash, baby wipes for the crucial areas and lovely air-freshener for the bedroom. This keeps the sexual rounds fresh and tempting.

Reason nine why sex must be a priority tonight is because this is the season that sex, love and romance is in the air. So, try having sex in unusual places this night, for instance, in a car. Couples often think the backseat is best for car sex. However, there is not much leg-room. You can recline the passenger’s seat instead, and try a girl-on-top position. From this position, the wife will get to see all the action and the delight on her husband’s face as he admires your beautiful package: your face, breasts, tummy, and the vulva from head to toe. Give him something to really salivate over by occasionally throwing your head back and arching.

Raise your husband’s visual stakes by reaching for his manhood, withdrawing it from you, and running it up and down your inner labia (lingering on your clitoris) before you allow him to enter you again. Do it a couple of times and the start-stop build-up will have him boiling over with desire. Alternatively, woman-on-top position can be done on the bed if enough privacy will not be achieved in the car. Instead of riding him with his body lengthwise on the mattress, mount your husband as he lies perpendicular to the pillows and once you are climbing toward climax, stop moving and gently grab the sides of his upper body with your hands. Leaning on your knees, inch him toward the edge of the bed until his head, shoulders, and arms hang backward over the side. Then start riding him again.

The wife is in complete control here, and the reason it feels so good is that the wife is literally sitting on her husband’s member, giving him no choice but to thrust deep inside you. In addition, when he is upside down, the blood will rush to his head, allowing him to experience what is called erotic inversion, sending tingles to his upper body that will turn his climax into another dimension.

Rear entering position makes sex a big deal to many husbands. This is the tenth good reason for sex tonight. Wife, make your husband stand facing you as you squat on a bed or chair with your back to him. Lean on his chest as he steadies you by placing his hands under your rear. He then enters you from behind. Leaning back on his chest with his biceps bracing your weight, you will feel totally taken care of and he will feel more energetic than he can imagine. In addition, this position gives him deep access combined with more of a grinding motion than the usual from-behind fast thrusting. Once you, the wife, have the rhythm down, change it up a little. As long as he can support you in his weakened state, have him take half a step back. Changing the angle will alter where his penis hits your vaginal walls, enhancing your climax, by drawing it out. Couples should not forget the 36-hour-of-freedom cialis drug; it is a very present help in time of need, to prevent premature ejaculation and the like.

The eleventh reason why sex must happen tonight is because I have discovered finance, communication and sex are the three major problems in marriage. Couples should take sexual issues in their marriages seriously if they want a happy, prosperous union in this New Year. When partners enjoy marital bliss always, they feel happy and when they are happy, they attract more good things in their lives. However, if frustration and hatred become their lot, they will inexplicably realize that negative events become their lot. That is the law of attraction! Good sex keeps body, soul and destiny together.