Warming your Way into his Heart

For over a year now, I have taken time out to do an in-depth compilation of remarks or results from married women all over the globe. Many wives have attested to the application of the sexual tips offered in this column. Today, I want to bring to you some of their remarks, which I’m certain, will boost the relationships of other married women out there.

Narrating her experience, Mrs. Aiwa says, “My sex life has taken a new turn. What I did was to find suitable timing. Timing is important. I discovered the best time to tantalise my husband. Whenever he is back from work and he is sitting on the couch, I would seductively unzip his trousers. I make eye contact with him and smile a little, letting him wonder what I’m up to. The anticipation normally makes him go crazy.

“Alternatively, I sometimes approached him when he was lying in bed. I make sure that he is comfortable and relaxed before trying out my moves. Of course, I do everything playfully to heat up his hot spots. Who says men don’t love foreplay? I don’t skip foreplay, even if my husband is fully erected. Playfully, I tell him I’ll decide for him when to remove his pants and while he strains against the fabric, I gently nibble up and down his shaft.

“Next, I place my lips around the head of his cotton-clad manhood and blow warm air over him to focus on this hot spot. I don’t have to call my husband repeatedly to know where he is. He now gets home from work before me. It works.”

For Mrs. Elojama, it is a different story entirely. She says, “My husband says he enjoys having his testicles sucked gently. I must confess that initially I hated the feel of his pubic hair in my mouth. Therefore, what I do is to frequently give him what I label ‘pre-sex preparation’. I suggest a shower and occasionally shave him myself. My husband says there is something oddly erotic and arousing about watching me carefully shave his testicles – the whistle of the razor and the consequent heightened sensitivity of my bare hands on his bare skin is highly arousing and he says, ‘This is killing.’

“However I do not stop there. I work my way down the sexy V-shaped lines of muscle that run down his pelvic from his hips to his groin of each cleft of his thighs with a French-kiss because I discovered that whenever I kiss those areas deeply, my husband reacts like someone begging for mercy. The shocking part of it is that my husband calls me ‘my sex genius.’ Now I don’t have to make my husband talk. All I do is act his sex genius and the conversations start rolling in.’ Who says men don’t talk?”

“Until I summoned up courage, I thought I would never find a solution to my husband’s extra marital affairs. Thanks to the suggestion you gave me, Funmi.”

This is a direct admission from Mrs. Lucky. “I used the flavoured condoms that you encouraged me to buy. It protects me from STIs and removes all the inhibitions I had against my husband. However, what brought my husband back to me was the technique I applied while helping him to wear the condom.

“Whenever my husband wants sex, I say to myself, ‘Kate it is time for sex and you must enjoy it with your husband.’ I hold the tip of the condom between my lips and ‘kiss’ the head of his penis to position the condom over the glans. Then, slowly I roll the condom down the shaft, using my wet lips and fingertips to gentle caress the penis. With the other hand, I caress his nipples at the same time.

“Rapidly flicking over the top of his penis with the tip of my tongue always makes him hit the high notes – especially when I continue to stroke his shaft while I help wear him the condom. Funmi, can you believe my husband openly told me that I’m better than all his ‘call girls?’ In fact, we would be celebrating the rekindling of our marriage during the Easter Couples Cruise; it is wonderful.”

Recounting her experience, Mrs. Sunday Konte says, “As far as my marriage is concerned, premature ejaculation is non-operational, thanks to the simple steps you mailed to me. First, I made Kegel exercise a priority for my husband and myself. Second, my husband works hand-in-hand with the 36-hour-of-freedom-the great Cialis. Also, I make him last longer with some special premature ejaculation sensual scenarios.

“Most of the time, we try the girl-on-top position. I make sure that I go slowly in this position. I have been able to control my own orgasm, while my husband’s manhood will be less stimulated. This means that he will last as long as I want him to. When I’m on top, I pause for a few seconds in the middle of his thrusting before I slide down on his manhood again. The surprise and anticipation drives him wild, but not to orgasm.

“To take his mind off the orgasm, I ask him to pour a lubricant on my breasts and rub it in. Once they are moistened, I use them to lubricate his manhood in return. Alternatively, I sit up and cup my breasts in my hands and ask him to drizzle some lubricants between and I rub it in while he watches. ‘Doggy style’ is a ‘sure banker’ that delays premature ejaculation. What I do is allow him to reach around my hips and very gently stroke my clitoris as we move together. For sure, this column has renewed my man.”

These are word of Mrs. Ekaette: “I used to hate to give my husband a blow job because I felt it was a dirty habit. I reluctantly tried it on my husband as instructed by you. You know that the effect is revamping. Most of the time, I express my hunger for sex each time I notice that my husband wants sex.

“Then as occasion permits, a blow job comes next. I place my hand at the base of his penis and then, slowly I bring my hand up the shaft, with my thumb massaging one side of it as I go. Each time I reach the top; I immediately take my other hand and begin massaging up the shaft. I keep repeating until he literally cries out.

“For variation, I coat my palm with pure olive oil, and rub his manhood. I occasionally make eye contact while I suck him in a steady rhythm, with a confident grip: this always guarantees his pleasure. Funmi, I went further to make discoveries and I have to know that the ultimate blow job features five key elements: warmth, wetness, eagerness, repetition and at least one surprise manoeuvre. With this, my husband feels like a king.’”

A word, they say, is established from two or three witnesses. Those are five witnesses. What are you waiting for?